To follow up on getting bluetooth to work on Ubuntu Hardy, I did this:

1) visit this site, and add the Debian sid repository
Unofficial Debian packages
it is not necessary to add the source repository.

1a) refresh synaptic, and add the package

2) use module-assistant to build the kernel module (but first, exit synaptic)
sudo m-a a-i omnibook-source
(you have to work out how to get module-assistant working yourself. It is a package; you can find it in Synaptic. Make sure you install all recommended dependencies. Try installing build-essential as well)

3) we need to make sure the module loads at startup
so edit the file /etc/modules
sudo vi /etc/modules
and add the line
at the end

4) and we need to get it working so make a file called omnibook in /etc/modprobe.d
and in this file put one line
omnibook ectype=14

5) you don't need to reboot. You can do this
sudo modprobe omnibook ectype=14

by doing this, the bluetooth icon appears.
I just synced my phone. It works very well.

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